Black British Visual Artists is a movement created to bring together artists from the African and Caribbean diaspora living in the UK. It aims to provide a platform for artists to network, exhibit and share their talents with the wider art community. 

The Here & Now Exhibition was the inaugural exhibition and was curated by Merissa Hylton and Samantha Almon Adeluwoye.  


"The Here & Now exhibition was a pivotal moment in the Black British Arts scene.  We were excited to bring together so many talented creatives and provide the opportunity for their work to be shared and enjoyed by the public. This exhibition is the first of many more to come." - Merissa Hylton

"Being a Black Artist doesn’t mean your creations only center on this narrow view of ‘Blackness’. This collection of artists will show that our creations are very much a part of British society and our stories are the stories of this nation – Diverse." - Samantha Almon Adeluwoye

Tickets for the next BBVA Conversations are live! Join artist Zuleika Lebow for a discussion on all things collaboration and socially engaged practice. Zuleika will explain why these often overlooked aspects of artistic practice are seeing a renaissance; and why collaborating with others is more important than ever in the current climate.

Tickets available now:

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