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Alvin Kofi born in London, from a West Indian family, has been a practicing artist for over fifteen years.  Even thou drawing has always been his first love, he went on to study Graphic design and proceeded to work in advertising for a number of years. He always needed the freedom to express his point of view, and creative ability, so found him self continuing to paint and create as a fine artist.

On the his return from Africa and to the art world in UK 1998, he quickly established a reputation as one the leading Black artist, having produced the first Black print collection that was distributed in the UK, giving arts lovers from the wider market, access to a contemporary African art and culture.

His area of work has varied over the years but the African Caribbean theme has remained consistent. Having studied traditional African cosmology for a number of years, his work shows a depth of understanding from both a spiritual cultural aspect.

His love and passion for the art’s has always driven his interest in Art History earning him recognition both as an artist and educator, so with flair and ingenuity, he presents his work in a contemporary style, distinctive and unique in its approach.

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