Kaye-Anne Smith


Kaye-Anne Smith or R3 times as she is creatively known, has a original and accessible art form that is characterised by her use of mixed media paintings, sculptures. Her approach to her work is defined by her dichotomous eclectic yet focused pieces. A main stay in her works is her appropriation of wool. Her employment of wood, cloth and metallic and or textured paint effects is demonstrative of her synthesised approach that gives each piece of art a unique character.

Her collective work portrays a visual rhapsody, which bears a focus in contemporary abstraction of cultural identity. It is the very renaissance of the Jamaican diaspora that is preserved in her pragmatic use of patterns, symbolism and portraiture. R3times pieces credit  the past and present icons the migrated from the island Jamaica. She fits into no one school of thought, and no singular paradigm can encapsulate her creative endeavours, which transcend Fine Art and Contemporary Culture. Her works simply maintains an innate concept of identity or narrative that is to be defined by the onlooker.

Email: created3timez@gmail.com


Instagram: @r3times

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