Flo Awolaja


An ardent Educationalist, achievement for all is central to the work that I do. A successful career as a graphic designer has allowed me to combine my passion for art and design with teaching.  My fun loving and exuberant personality exudes a quiet confidence and steely determination to succeed in all things.

Born to parents of Nigerian heritage, the culture in which I was raised has inspired my artistic talents. My work explores the Narrative of printmaking, through the use of African textiles. Employing material predominately native to Ghana, namely Batik woven and dyed cloths which are collaged together. 

My use of fabrics creates abstract compositions that hark back to West-African traditions of using textiles as a means of commemoration and communication, taking them and placing them in a contemporary setting. Enthused with a rich sense of colour and rhythm, these works serve to remind us that the idea of narrative of storytelling is not always verbal.

Email: floraawolaja@hotmail.com


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