Desiree Greenish


Desiree Greenish is a documentary photographer whose body of work includes the European refugee crisis of recent years.


Desiree’s images illustrate the often complex state in which the disenfranchised exist (and have existed) within society. How do humans change their circumstances to develop and elevate themselves as individuals and as groups under such pressures? What are the individual and group contribution and costs? How does the ‘outer world’ measure this? Does that measure even matter in the modern world?


Her attention is often placed upon the legacy of decisions made by authority and its impact upon social groups within contemporary society. The paths of these are myriad and open to interpretation, which is exciting to interrogate and explore. At the heart of her work is the aim to find hope and beauty in seemingly hopeless situations and to re-humanise those who have been dehumanised. To remind us of where we may find comfort and compassion in difficult times: in ourselves, our heritage. our families, our friends and in strangers also.


Desiree’s current project is under currently wraps but explores the legacy of slavery and its effects upon contemporary Britain.



Instagram: @desiree_greenishphoto


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