Keleenna Onyeaka


Keleenna Onyeaka is a British-Nigerian self-taught visual artist and photographer. Having lived in England, Nigeria and America, his wide range of life experiences and relationships fuel his appreciation for people, life, and how they navigate it.  The majority of his photography work aims to explore identity, emotion, and the relationship between the beauty and complexity of everyday life.


An Investment Banker by trade Keleenna uses the language of photography to engage in conversations that are not limited by numbers or data. His most recent projects include “A Glimpse of Continent”- an ongoing project to tell visual stories of everyday people navigating everyday life in Africa's cities. Through the art of street photography and the power of the candid moment, Keleenna Onyeaka aims to present a glimpse into the emotion, energy and movement of everyday life in Africa's cities. Outside of street photography, his work includes a project titled Ambivalent IIIndividuals – a series of triple portraits which explore the multi-emotional nature of everyday people.






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